Friday, 14 September 2012

Pandora's Box

A younger male friend of mine popped up online today to tell me his troubles.

A girl is obsessed with him and he doesn't know what to do. 
She also has a long term boyfriend. 
It also transpired that he fucked her in park after dark a few days ago.

Well... that probably didn't help the situation.

What should I do? He asks me.

Well, you probably shouldn't have slept with her but it is a bit too late now to be giving that advice. I made a comparison to Pandora's Box without registering the sexual slang connotation initially. He's Spanish so he missed it too.

It is a typical scenario. Girl cracks onto guy, guy wants sex...if its being dished out, one usually takes it if one so desires it.

I have no problem with encouraging people to have lots of sex but you should always be aware of the consequences. Maybe it is a generalisation but men can be a lot more detached about the situation then women.

Clearly this girl is not happy in her current relationship, she's probably feeling insecure and she's looking to jump ship. My friend looks like an appealing option and by sleeping with her, she probably thinks it signifies her ticket out of her old relationship. 
Only problem is he is not feeling the same way. 
He just wanted sex but she confused sex with him wanting to be with her.

I told him he had to just be straight with her. Rip off the plaster.

He'd prefer just to avoid her but I was like: 'Dude, do the decent thing, yeah?' 

So many times, men seek the cowardly option and then they wonder why the woman in question goes nuts/ bunny boiler on him.

'I always attract the crazy girls,' he says...

'It is a two way street.' I reply. ' You make it a lot worse for yourself. And they are not all crazy...just probably insecure.'

You choose to avoid being straight, you need to expect the consequences. Plain and simple. And I tell him that I don't expect him to follow my advice. He says he will but we'll see. Often, annoyingly so, you have to live through it first to fully get the picture...

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