Friday, 21 September 2012

Date Debrief

So, the date came and went. Here are the notes.

Not wanting to sound all philosophical or hippy, I realised, after I wrote the last post and when I was on my date, that you really can't compartmentalise. You just can't...though it is fun to!

To place Lash into the 'womaniser' category and leave him there is too easy. He's a colourful human being and the picture I have built up over time is something I have honed and it is my perception. How much verity you can take from it I don't know.

In my last entry I queried whether he'd ever set foot in a gym - turns out he does now. Oh and he is more of a devil than I last supposed...though we'll come on to that...

The date was wonderful...It is great to be wined and dined and I enjoyed dressing up even if it is a little stressful deciding on the perfect outfit. Some gentlemen complimented me as I walked along the street though my critical mind makes me wonder now if they thought I was a whore, dressed up so finely in such a part of town. It is really not unheard of and this hotel supposedly has a reputation for it. If you've read the Belle de Jour diary you'll also be aware of this.

The hotel we met in was a little too luxurious for my liking and I hid in the toilet before he arrived, adjusting my make-up and texting a friend, but once he was there I relaxed. It didn't feel like a year and a half had gone by, we just picked up where we left off.

A terribly strong martini and a spritz in the hotel and then on to Nobu for dinner to feast on a range of ceviche, sashimi, wagyu beef, all complimented by sake. 

It was sophisticated and lush...I wish I could be taken out like that more often. Lash takes it all in his stride but for me it was just a little bit special. The last and only other time I went to Nobu was to celebrate a big day with a long-term ex and I had cried when he'd revealed the!

Lash was the perfect all was going so well. I felt no underlying agenda or seductive air.
We went back to his and even the cat was an adorable sprite of an angel. I felt no concern at sharing a bed. He's done this before with a mutual friend and nothing came of it (and she's hot stuff) so I felt rest assured we could handle it.

And we did...we fell asleep.


But later in the night, you roll over, you move and hands stray...

To be continued...

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