Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Little extravagances...

So...I've moved to Spain for a while. It is all new and exciting and I'm not sure what to make of it all yet.  My friends expect I'll find myself a Spanish man at some point...

I'm not sure, I've yet to spot any talent but I haven't really been looking....yet! I have made sure I have packed a good wardrobe though. I'm quite a fan of black lace which I think is sexy yet classy and I treated myself to a bright red MAC lipstick (Lady Bug) as I passed through duty free. I think it is rather womanly to have a few little extravagances -superb lipstick and a decent perfume. 

Since arriving here I have also taken time to enjoy fresh figs, warm gooey goats cheese with honey and fresh bread for my supper.

So you have no one to love and lavish you? Even more reason to love and look after yourself!

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