Saturday, 29 September 2012

Getting started...

So in my every day life I write a blog that most of my friends and family know about. I write about my aspirations, my travels, things I have created and various ponderings. This is a new venture that I wanted to try because I'd like to be more open and discuss some issues in more detail than I do on my normal blog without, say, my father reading them!

Writing a blog takes a lot of self promotion and you need to work hard to get it out there. You can have great content and strong writing skills but it is still hard work! Back in the day, when I first started writing I was a bit of a web-whore. I was commenting and reading all I could get my hands on and stats  really seemed to matter.  Nowadays, I just treat my blog as a mini online diary and I don't care so much about who reads it and who doesn't. I write to record the time that passes so I can look back on it later and remember those times.

I want this blog to be a little different. I want more people to read it and I want this to fuel me to challenge myself to come up with interesting and thought-provoking posts. I also want to explore ways to promote it more. I've started to look at other relationship/sex blogs to get an idea of what is out there but I'm still a little unsure of where to start. Anyone reading this with any tips please do get in touch! Would be much appreciated! In the meantime I'll keep doing my research!

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