Monday, 12 November 2012

You know how I wrote about options...? surprisingly presented itself -or should I say 'himself' as he is a person - to me on Saturday night. It just goes to show again how wrong I often am about these things. I always think 'nah...that will never happen.' - perhaps I underestimate myself  - and then I'm rather wide-eyed in disbelief and startled when things do actually happen.

It started like a normal night with dinner and some drinks round mine and we then popped out for a few more as it was still early hours. My intention was to then head home...

Fast forward through many red wines, beers and tequila shots and we've got some crazy dance floor antics. Its all a bit blurry (too many dance spins and twirls) but I was talking away as you do and engrossed in conversation and I don't know...the more you drink the more tactile you get... and before I know it I'm being enticed down the road at 3am in some direction nowhere near to home and then I'm waking up at sometime around 10am and wondering where I am and who left the lights on - oh that is actually the sunlight...!!!

I did wake up to a nice view - in more ways than one. His house overlooks the sea. The rest of the morning was spent nursing a hangover, feeling too sick to really move or do much else other than huddle shakily (me, not him) together under a blanket on the sofa. When I finally had the energy he lent me an umbrella and walked me to a place I recognised and I crawled home and into bed.

Before I had even properly digested the evening's events I realised I was due to talk to my Spanish friend on Skype (was it 4 o'clock already!?!) and that I would have to tell him because we don't really keep anything from each other.

I decided to go with the open approach. We're not dating and he's not the jealous type and I'd rather be truthful and totally 'me' with him. I was a little worried though. We talked and it all seemed to go okay but later he got in touch again and we discussed it all a bit more in-depth. I feel better about it now and whilst he isn't glad about my actions he's not upset either. We're 'cool' so to speak.

As for my work colleague...I have to face him today and see how the dust has settled. What this will all lead to I have no idea, no real expectation and I'm in no rush. He's a very nice man so I don't expect any dick head behaviour though.

Oh and in case you're was the Sporty one.... 

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