Thursday, 22 November 2012

Emotional v Rational: The Waiting Game continues...

ES: So you know this guy at work?

RS: Yeah...

ES: I'm getting a tinsy-weensy bit impatient.

RS: Hmm...Patience was never your virtue.

ES: is just that - I've read the books...if a guy is 'into you' surely you know? Like, he's meant to be chasing you and stuff?

RS: Yes, I guess so.

ES: And he's kind of sending me mixed messages right now. Hot one minute, detached and simply friendly the next. I think he's making up his mind. He pretty much said so in the last text he sent...

RS: So give him some patient.

ES: Yeah but isn't that a BAD sign? That he needs time to make up his mind?! Why can't he instantly see how wonderful I am?

RS: It might not have anything to do with you and everything to do with him.

ES: Hmm.... What if you're just making excuses for him? I just have a bad feeling about this and I'm trying to, you know,...practise self-respect and all that jazz...

RS: Yeah but you're not losing any self-respect right now by simply holding back and waiting. If you go charging in there making demands like a bull in a china shop then you certainly will....

ES: Hmm.... okay, I see your point. I'll try and be patient.

RS: Good - it will be excellent practise for you. Keep me posted.

ES: Hmpf!

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