Sunday, 18 November 2012

A week of the waiting game

So after four days my impatience wore thin (I was pretty impressed I lasted so long) and I sent Mr Sporty a text:

'So last Saturday night...Have haven't spoken about it...Are we going to?'

I guess sending a text automatically displays my interest but I tried to keep any emotion out of it or to reveal too much. I wish I hadn't been so impatient because he came back with:

'Sure. Hadn't avoided it particularly, just acting normal. Should be a chance over a beer tomorrow.'

I could have held on until the weekend when I knew there would be a chance to talk. During the week my mind had been plagued with various thoughts on the matter and I went from total scrutiny to not giving a f-ck and back again. Sketchy memories of last Saturday night and Sunday morning came back like a boomerang to hit me dully on the side of the head. I cringed at how much I talked...I really need to work on this but its been a battle I've been fighting for years. I used to have a plaque on my school folder which read:

'But your brain into gear before you set your mouth in motion' 

Or something along those lines. It is so true.

Lying in bed, post-coital I actually said to him with no thought and no scrupples:

'Oh you were lucky, I wasn't sure if I was up to it with this hangover, at one point I thought I was going to burp in your mouth.'


Yup, I've got no shame and all the best lines.

And I showed him some stupid cat videos on YouTube...

(don't look at me like that)

...there goes my cool credentials totally. As my dear friend said later in an email quoting Scrubs:

'Deal out your crazy in small doses.'

Apt advice...thought I can't imagine I'll ever learn how to put it into practise.

Anyway...the good news is - despite all of this - he likes me! He must be mental as well because I think he finds these quirks endearing right now... ('right now' being choice words). all looks promising!!!

Or does it?

The guy is 33. He's rather private but he told me he's never had a relationship that lasted a year let alone a couple of months. Why? He wouldn't say...


This is total alarm bells. 

A) It means I now have to be even more cautious and vigilant of my poor 'achey break-y heart' 


B) Even if we get so far it implies that I might have to train him... 

Oh boy! As ever I'll keep you posted.

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