Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Men Who Lose Interest After Sex

It is not a hard and fast rule, there are exceptions, but general advice on the street is usually to avoid sleeping with a man until the 3rd date. Hopping into bed with a guy on the first night might mean instant sexual gratification but it can pose problems after if you're looking for something more serious - or even just simply 'some more of the good stuff'.

I have been known to not take this advice often and I have suffered the consequences. Now, I have a bit of a problem with this rule. 

Sometimes you get drunk...

Sometimes you get carried away... (if you're impatient and cock hungry like me)

Sometimes you're not even sure if you like the guy but sleeping with them is a good form of research...

Sometimes you think:

 'Hey! This is the 21st Century, woman have adapted with the pill...come on men! Get modern...'

It seems these thoughts still don't change things. If you find yourself dealing with a guy who has lost interest...I'm afraid it is what it is and all you can do (to keep your self-respect in tact) is to move on.

What you mustn't do is turn bunny boiler and chase them...you're not getting this lost opportunity back.

So...why do I mention this? 

Well, because it is two, almost three days later and I don't know have a clue where I stand with Mr Sporty yet. I have hardly seen him to be fair and it can take a while for the 'mist' to clear.

I've been very well-behaved though. No texts, no chasing, no nothing. Just the odd smile in passing here and there. It really is up to him to decide the next move and this is very important if I want to 'rescue' this and maybe start something.

I don't know if I do want to start something...

But I'd like to also keep my options open as I do fancy him a little and it could be fun. I may have already screwed it up though...

But then, if I have...it was never right or meant to be in the first place. I'll keep you posted anyway...

PS I just also read this article whilst I was doing some research...Even I have to admit I was talking too much in my still drunk stupor the next morning...

Damn it! I always do this! Hmm...not sure the odds are in my favour!

Oh and I love yahoo answers take on this from some random chat room:

Sex is used by women to CREATE bonding and intimacy.
Sex is used by men to DECIDE whether or not we will create bonding and intimacy.

Well there you go...the ball is in his court.

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