Monday, 15 October 2012

Pleasantly surprised...

Once again I take back some of the sentiments from my last post. My friend truly surprised me. We got to talking about the whole situation in bed the next day and I revealed my true feelings and thoughts - heck, he even read the blog posts I wrote here, despite my nervousness about his reaction - and you know what? He handled the honesty and was understanding and really mature about it. It was all fine.

We spent the weekend being fairly intimate but mainly relaxing together, safe in the knowledge that we are good friends and we want it to remain that way. There was no pressure, no expectation. Just enjoyment. It seemed we both understood the situation and left with no plans or thoughts other than that we had a good time and had grown closer with more respect for one another.

Fortunately the love bite had also faded somewhat by the time I returned to work today, although a colleague did comment on it when we went out the day after on the Friday. I told a blatant fib and mumbled an excuse about stress and rashes...He pretended to swallow it and asked no more. You can't hide these things really, but at the same time if you don't wish to take someone into your confidence and relate what privately goes on in the bedroom then that should be respected too
...says she writing about it openly on the Internet. drama. Nothing to worry myself about. I am really happy about how it has all turned out. Another lesson learnt...everyone is different and I need to be careful with past experiences leading to preconceived ideas.

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