Monday, 1 October 2012

Got To Get Me Some!

The lady I am staying with told me she hasn't had a kiss in 6 years recently. 6 years! I haven't had sex in two weeks and it is frustrating. Particularly so when it is the time of the month, as it is now. Also particularly so when once I was used to having it regularly. I've just been watching Mad Men and that has stirred me up too! Grrr.....

That is the one good thing about being in a relationship - sex on tap. This past year hasn't been dire but it could have been better. It started with an unexpected bang on New Year and was full of promise with a fling in London. This meant every time I visited the city I had a nice little set-up. 

The guy was adorable....possibly confused, but adorable. Nice warm smile, big brown eyes and he was very expressive and sensual in bed -liked to give massages. Hands down he was also the best person ever at giving head (this is a topic to be discussed in length sometime soon), which was exceptionally refreshing. 

I have this weird niggling feeling that he might have been bisexual though and in denial. He'd start sentences like: 'You know Ashton Kutcher, the really fit actor...?' and, maybe this is a terrible stereotype, but he loved George Michael and Wham and knew an awful lot about both - but then he was very passionate about music so maybe I'm being unfair? I don't was just a minor vibe I picked up on.

The bugger though, decided to tell me that sex was off the menu at my birthday party. Another girl had come onto the scene so at least he was trying to be decent. Decent to her though...not me! It was never destined to be something major so I had a little grumble and then let it go. We met up recently for a drink, no hard feelings.

Around this time I also had a fling with someone I met on the Internet which lasted for about two months - I'll talk about this more another time too - and then there have been the last two bed sharing mishaps.

Oh and a few kisses here and there with foreign boys...a very sexy Italian (shame that never went further but probably for the best) and a super friendly Spaniard.

So what is around the corner? Would be nice to see some action between now and the end of the year... The lady I'm staying with says the boys here will eat me up with my blonde hair...I hope so! :) 

Guess only time will tell...  

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