Thursday, 4 October 2012

Can things truly be platonic?! Am I over analysing?

So my Spanish friend is coming to stay next weekend. He's driving all the way from Madrid to stay for 4 nights. We have a superb online relationship. I think it kind of came about as in the past we've both been strong 'in a relationship' type people -i.e. always in and out of them, hardly ever single - and we were both learning to cope with singledom at the same time and needed someone of the opposite sex to talk to and share thoughts with.

He's much younger than me and has just finished University. When we talk/facebook chat I often feel like I'm Yoda and he's Luke Skywalker when it comes to relationship advice. I was his teacher in a professional environment long ago and now I'm a kind of teacher in a more personal respect. We often dissect and analyse the ins and outs of his romantic forays. He has been known to take my advice. Anyway, we support each other, we share a lot of the same interests and I think we both find each other a little bit attractive. It is a win-win situation when it all takes place online...

Offline however...who's to know? I mean...he is driving a heck of a way to come and see me. Does someone do this if things are merely platonic?! I mean...he is a guy, right. Is it unfair in this situation to go with the assumption that all men think with their dicks? I don't want to think along these lines, I'd like to fain naivety but...I can't help wonder: Is he expecting something? What is going to happen? Will we survive the long public holiday weekend? The following scenarios have gone through my mind:

a) We get along, we keep within the friendship frame, all is well.

b) We get along, he oversteps the mark, I give in because I'm terrible and I want some and think 'Why not? Live dangerously' then seriously live to regret it (as has happened in the past).

c) We get along, there are hints that he wants to overstep the mark but I block them, awkwardly so, and the weekend ends, him dissatisfied, me disillusioned...our friendship wanes and peters out.

d) We get along, there is an immense all clicks but then I remember that he's just that little bit too young, he needs to get his career off the ground here in Spain and I'm terribly independent these days and want to live in other countries.

e) The same as c but add to this - I want to sleep with other men too.

Hmm....I'm over analysing this way too much aren't I?! I'll let you know how the weekend pans out when we get there...

Update: Since writing this, I read this at Psychology Today...insightful!

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