Monday, 10 December 2012

Some Great Sex Memories

I was on a train for seven and a half hours...what's a girl to do in that time but daydream? :)

I was 21 and at University. He was dark, intense and delicious with deep chocolate brown eyes. I was mildly obsessed and had foolishly left my three year boyfriend to be with him. I don't remember all the details but we'd been smoking weed and got rather frisky as a result. I remember him doing me doggy style; it was a pleasing view. Then he withdrew and came all over my back. We looked at each other and there was a pause and then we burst into hysterics for no real reason besides the ludicrousness of all his wet cum everywhere and me, lying helplessly waiting for him to clean it up.

We're good friends now. Sometimes we remember this together. Clearly it resonates in both of us as an image. Him: awkwardly mopping from my viewpoint, and me: ridiculously messy and comically vulnerable.


Another dark, intense creature. I was on the verge of falling in love (notice a repeated pattern here?!) but he was dangerous and it was never going to end well. When he embraced me the coarse fibres of his beard tore at my face. I always came away looking mauled and sore. Red raw cheeks like I had acne. It felt very animalistic. He used to press down on my abdomen as he fucked me which seemed to increase the pleasure. When he came his breathing would become short and raspy, like he was being restricted of air. It really turned me on. This one time everything he did felt so perfect that afterwards my legs spasmed incontrollably and I almost wept over the intensity that shook my body. I've never experienced a thing quite like it. Maybe I felt this way because I knew it was never going to last...


He was a sensual lover. Caresses and strokes, doing all that he could to please me, complimenting my hips and delicate piano hands (not that I ever fulfilled that ambition). He never took the chance to go down on me but I remember him kissing my inner thighs very gently and sweetly after sex like a form of 'thank you' and it totally endeared me to him. I told him we had a great chemistry not to be overlooked. He said that I brought out this side in him. One time we kissed and for some minutes our lips traced each others carefully and repeatedly - just the lips, no tongue, lingering...

I still think about it now. I hope I don't forget that.


Annoyingly I don't remember a specific time anymore from my long-term ex. There are moments but they are vague - most blur into one another. I remember fucking in a field whilst the jack-russel looked on and a herd of cows wandered over to observe and interrupt. I remember straddling him in the back of some stranger's pick-up truck at the Full Moon party in Thailand, metres from the beach or him tipping my head back, off the bed, to force me to cum harder. Or the intensity I felt for him on MDMA at a rave and how I had to find him and be with him -nothing else mattered. Or laughing as he tried to fuck me on his rowing machine rather unsuccessfully. The videos...the photos, all the ways we explored.

Do you have any fond sex memories that stick out? I have some negative ones too...maybe for another post!

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